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Re: (ITS#8260) Test "test062-config-delete" occasionally runs into segmentation fault


hguo@suse.com wrote:
> The test case "test062-config-delete" occasionally runs into segfault when
> running with BDB backend. The chance of segfault happening is about once every
> 200 runs.
> The version of OpenLDAP is post-2.4.42 master checked out at revision
> 94d6581b50fa2d877cf4a1e20ca6766454094ef8, simply compiled with make.

To me this revision seems to be from master branch. Are you sure you want to
test that? Or are you rather looking for testing OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_4 branch?

Also note that back-bdb is highly deprecated and IIRC building it will be
disabled in OpenLDAP 2.5 (which is AFAIK what master branch is heading to).

Ciao, Michael.