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Howard Chu wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> Michael Ströder wrote:
>>> But then I would expect slapd to remove the backslash(es) used for quoting:
>> Good point. OK, there's some more work needed in here somewhere.
> Fixed. Closing this ITS. If you have any other problems regarding this,
> followup to ITS#8233. We don't open new ITSs for unreleased code.

Sorry, but still I see the same problem with commit

Example from ITS#8251 repeated here:

In slapd.conf:

---------------------------------- snip ----------------------------------
attributetype (
      DESC 'Test attribute type with \"double quotes\" in DESC'
      SYNTAX )
---------------------------------- snip ----------------------------------

Returned via LDAP in subschema subentry (as LDIF):

---------------------------------- snip ----------------------------------
attributeTypes: ( DESC 'Test attribute type with
  \"double quotes\" in DESC' SYNTAX )
---------------------------------- snip ----------------------------------

But regarding your comment in [1] I wonder what counts as an "argument"?
Reading the section slapd.conf(5) more carefully it could mean that also all
schema descriptions (containing spaces) count as one argument and therefore
should be enclosed in double quotes (which is not the case also for all
.schema files installed by OpenLDAP).

Another example is:

index foo,bar eq,sub

Does the the config parser handle "foo,bar" and "eq,sub" as two separate
arguments for directive "index"? Does the argument parsing depend on the
configuration directive?

[1] https://www.openldap.org/its/index.cgi?findid=8251#followup9

Ciao, Michael.