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Re: (ITS#8251) slapd fails schema parsing with double quotes in DESC

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> Please use plaintext email only. This thread is mostly unreadable due to the
>> multiple escapes and other garbage.
>> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>>> You're talking about QQ (single quote '  mentioned in comment as %x27) an=
>>> d QS
>>> (back-slash mentioned in comment as %x5C).
>>> AFAICS the double quote is %x22 and is included in QUTF1.
>> Yes, DQUOTE is included in QUTF1 but that is not the issue here. The
>> slapd.conf(5) syntax says explicitly that double quote is used to enclose
>> arguments containing white space. Single quote has no significance to the
>> slapd.conf parser. Arguments containing double quote that are meant to be
>> taken literally must escape the quote with a backslash.
> But then I would expect slapd to remove the backslash(es) used for quoting:

Good point. OK, there's some more work needed in here somewhere.
> In slapd.conf:
> ---------------------------------- snip ----------------------------------
> attributetype (
>        DESC 'Test attribute type with \"double quotes\" in DESC'
>        SYNTAX )
> ---------------------------------- snip ----------------------------------
> Returned via LDAP in subschema subentry (as LDIF):
> attributeTypes: ( DESC 'Test attribute type with
>    \"double quotes\" in DESC' EQUALITY booleanMatch SYNTAX
> Ciao, Michael.

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