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(ITS#8250) Allowing transaction to be created in the reset state

Full_Name: James Rouzier
URL: https://github.com/rouzier/openldap/commit/54f60e7eb699778197fa154953fccfa8ecc41d2a.patch
Submission from: (NULL) (

This patch allows mdb_txn_begin to create a transaction in the reset state.

So instead of doing this.
mdb_txn_begin(env, NULL, MDB_READONLY,&txn);

You now can just do this.
mdb_txn_begin(env, NULL, MDB_READONLY| MDB_TXNRESET,&txn);

You can view the patch here 

The attached patch file is derived from OpenLDAP Software. All of the
modifications to OpenLDAP Software represented in the following patch(es) were
developed by James Rouzier <rouzier@gmail.com>.
I have not assigned rights and/or interest in this work to any party.