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Re: (ITS#7964) overlay rwm escape issue with more the 9 rules / rewrite statements

Hi Michael,

On Sat, Sep 12, 2015 at 02:38:44PM +0200, Michael Str=F6der wrote:
>I wonder whether that caused a regression parsing multi-line DESC '..' in
>schema descriptions.
>Up to now I could load this but it does not work with current RE24 branch:
>objectClass ( NAME 'dlm1ManagedSystemElement'
>     DESC 'ManagedSystemElement is the base class for the
>           System Element hierarchy. Membership Criteria: Any
>           distinguishable component of a System is a candidate
>           for inclusion in this class. Examples: software
>           components, such as files; and devices, such as disk
>           drives and controllers, and physical components such
>           as chips and cards.'
>     SUP dlm1ManagedElement ABSTRACT
>     MAY ( dlmInstallDate $ dlmName $ dlmStatus ) )
>This is not schema generated by me.

A schema with the above DESC (including line breaks), and SUP top=20
ABSTRACT MAY description, is working fine for me on RE24 (as of c5b4cd6)=20
configured with "--disable-bdb --disable-hdb --enable-rwm".

I tested embedding it directly in slapd.conf, including via 'include=20
test.schema', and ldapadd'ing an LDIF version into cn=3Dconfig at runtime. =
(admittedly the last is probably not relevant, since it becomes one long=20
logical LDIF line.)

Can you provide some more details about the failure you see?

Glancing at the RE24 log, I'd look at ITS#8233 as the change most likely=20
to be related, but can't say anything for sure without a reproducible=20
test case.