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Re: (ITS#8225) writetimeout should ignore consumers

hyc@openldap.org wrote:
> The idletimeout already ignores consumer connections; writetimeout should as
> well. Sites can use keepalive to handle truly hung consumers, as opposed to just
> overloaded consumers.

It's not clear that simply "ignoring" is the correct approach - the fact that 
the writetimeout triggers means slapd was unable to write any more on the 
socket in question. As such, the provider would need to stop attempting to 
send any more syncrepl messages to the consumer until the connection freed up. 
This would just mean more data would queue up in syncprov's output queues 
while waiting for the socket buffers to drain. If it takes a very long time 
for the consumers to finally catch up (looks like on the order of hours here) 
then slapd's memory consumption would increase quite a lot for that time.

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