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Re: (ITS#8027) ldapsearch -E deref=member: crashes slapd

Howard Chu wrote:
> ryan@nardis.ca wrote:
>> Full_Name: Ryan Tandy
>> Version: master (7df548d), RE24 (2b14bbc)
>> OS: Debian unstable
>> URL:
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> If you use the deref control but leave the list of requested attributes empty,
>> slapd crashes.
>> ldapsearch [...] -E deref=member:
>> The ldapsearch manpage implies this probably isn't valid, but it still accepted
>> it. (FWIW, I tried it just to see whether it would return all attributes or
>> none.) I couldn't tell from draft-ldap-deref-00 whether an empty attr list is
>> considered a valid request.
> Patched in master to reject a request with an empty attr list.
For future reference, this was registered as CVE-2015-1545.

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