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Re: (ITS#8054) Operation duration logging

Den 05. aug. 2015 18:38, skrev hyc@symas.com:
>clem.oudot@gmail.com wrote:
>> Seems other LDAP servers have choosen 'etime' (see
>> http://ludopoitou.com/2015/02/24/about-auditing-ldap-operations/). Why
>> not try to use the same word?
> etime is fine with me. The other problem here is that it's counting duration
> from when slapd received the request (which is fine) but usually the op gets
> queued immediately after. For this etime to be useful we need to know both the
> amount of time spent queued, and the amount of time spent actually executing.
> qtime and etime?

It's total time which is interesting when looking for hot spots
which need attention.  So I suggest that plus either one of the
others, or percentage of the total spent doing one of the others.