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Re: (ITS#8207) ppolicy: pwdMinLength not checked if pwdInHistory == 0

I've attempted to test with OpenLDAP 2.4.41 but cannot get password 
changing to work at all, constantly getting error: "passwd: 
Authentication token manipulation error"

Unfortunately, I cannot spend more time on this now.

On 30/07/15 03:01, Michael Ströder wrote:
> porjo38@yahoo.com.au wrote:
>> Using password policy overlay, pwdMinLength is not checked when pwdInHistory ==
>> 0.
> I tried to reproduce this with my local OpenLDAP 2.4.41 installation.
> In one case I thought to see this but I could not reproduce all the time.
> Maybe there's another condition for this to happen.
> Could you please also test with release 2.4.41?
> And please also post the entry with the password (and relevant pwd* attrs) and
> the pwdPolicy entry used, both as LDIF (minus sensitive data).
> Ciao, Michael.