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Re: (ITS#8202) openldap assumes printf has %z

Hi Howard,
Yes I'm well aware of the state of Solaris 9 support and we support key components
of the OS ourselves.  However that doesn't mean
that people don't still run it, like we do on some systems yet to be upgraded.
(yes we have Sun systems purchased over 15 years ago that are still happily running;
the hardware is very reliable; many are well overdue for upgrade though; its a resource/priority thing
just look at how many people are running WinXP still)

However this issue is a portability of openldap issue, not a OS support/patch thing (the C library in this case is not
broken; its doing as the man page says, which doesn't mention %z), and the %z support is only
a recent thing in the lifetime of unix (well last ~15 years it started to appear... C99 I think)

There will be other legacy OS's that don't support %z too; no idea what ones though.

Anyway I've got an (ugly) patch for me to use now and it passes 'make check' on Solaris 9;
it was hard to find the cause of the problem though.

Ian D

On 07/22/15 04:01, Howard Chu wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> iand@ekit-inc.com wrote:
>>> Full_Name: Ian Donaldson
>>> Version: 2.4.41
>>> OS: Solaris 9
>>> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>>> Built 2.4.41 on Solaris 9; ran 'make check' which failed to start slapd with
>>> the following errors:
>> Thanks for the report. Not sure that it's worth our taking any action though.
>> The last release of Solaris 9 was 10 years ago, and it has been end-of-life'd
>> by Oracle.
> For reference: Solaris 9 EOL
> http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris10/overview/index-138972.html
> In short it means Solaris 9 is no longer eligible for any Oracle updates including security updates, fixes, patches or any other changes.  Solaris 9 went into sustaining support in October 2014.
> Since Oracle is no longer providing any patches for this OS, I don't see much reason for us to either. Fortunately you are free to patch and build OpenLDAP for yourself for as long as you wish.