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(ITS#8185) Clarification/enhancement request: purging stale pwdFailureTime attributes

Full_Name: Kartik Subbarao
Version: 2.4.40
OS: Linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Reading the slapo-ppolicy man page, I was optimistically expecting that excess
stale pwdFailureTime values might be removed from the entry after pwdMaxFailure
was exceeded. For example, if pwdMaxFailure is 5, then only the most recent 5
pwdFailureTime values would be kept, and the old ones purged as and when new
failed bind attempts were made.

This wording in the slapo-ppolicy man page sounds friendly towards this
interpretation: "Excess timestamps beyond those allowed by pwdMaxFailure may
also be purged."

Looking at the source code though, it doesn't seem that pwdFailureTime values
are actually removed unless a successful bind occurs -- whereupon all values of
course are removed.

I would like to request an enhancement to purge stale pwdFailureTime values as
mentioned above. This would also largely mitigate the issue raised in ITS#7089
without needing to develop more involved code for that. The common theme is to
ensure that pwdFailureTime values can't keep accumulating without bound, due to
broken/misconfigured clients that are beyond the LDAP server administrator's