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Re: (ITS#8181) LMDB page leaks etc when treating DBs as data

On 29/06/15 23:05, hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Seriously, why aren't we just saying "don't do this" and moving on?

OK, then document it.  Maybe keeping it simple, call
mixing mainDB data and named DBs a user error and warn this
can break the DB.

> There are
> lots of stupid things you can do with software. It's a waste of time and
> energy to prevent them all.

We totally disagree, starting with what is stupid.  But we knew
that.  That's I asked which parts of "mdb/bundle" to push and
which you rejected, we must have misunderstood each other.  I
thought I was just ITSing this commit properly before pushing.