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Re: (ITS#8048) back-sock/slapo-sock issue

Michael Str=F6der wrote:
> This is my Python response string:
> 'RESULT\nmsgid: 1\ncode: 49\ninfo: remote NOK\n\n'

Hmmpf! After adding null-bytes in each line like this

'RESULT\n\x00msgid: 1\n\x00code: 49\n\x00\n\x00'

at least this message went away also with RE24:

> This leads to slapd debug output:
> 55914b01 str2result (msgid: 1
> code: 49
> info: remote NOK
> ) unknown
> 55914b01 str2result (
> ) unknown

Null-bytes really needed? str2result() checks for null-bytes in a bunch o=
cases. I really wonder why null-terminated  char *s is used.

Ciao, Michael.