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RE: (ITS#8147) syncrepl fails when encountering bad data, master leaks memory

> > I did see that a number of memory leaks have been fixed since 2.4.30, b=
ut I
> > didn't see anything that looked like this profile.  Sorry I don't have =
a newer
> > version of OpenLDAP to hand to re-test.
> Closing this ITS. You can followup again if you see the same problem in t=
> current 2.4.41 release candidate. 2.4.30 is over 3 years old, no one is g=
> to investigate this.

I wasn't asking anyone to look into 2.4.30.  Given how easy this is to test=
, Howard,
and in the interests of code hygiene, wouldn't it be better for you to spen=
d 10 minutes
attempting to reproduce the problem on the latest RC?  It'll take me much l=
onger to
download and compile the new RC than it would do for you to import a bad en=
try and
set-up basic syncrepl.  If, by doing so, you can identify and fix another m=
emory leak
then that's a really good thing.  If you can't reproduce it in 2.4.41 after=
 10 minutes, then
I understand if you close the issue.

Best regards,


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