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Re: (ITS#8145) The olcThreadQueues config element is not documented

Le 15/05/15 13:40, Howard Chu a écrit :
> elecharny@apache.org wrote:
>> Full_Name: Emmanuel L.charny
>> Version: 2.4.40
>> OS:
>> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> The olcThreadQueues AttributeType is part of the olcGlobal
>> OvjectClass since
>> 2.4.36, where it's has been added.
>> A man slapd-config provides no information on this parameter.
> You're mistaken. The olcThreadQueues feature has not been included in
> any official 2.4 release, it is a 2.5 feature.
Sadly, I can't comment on an ITS. So here it is :

"It may not be official, but it's present in the code base since 2.4.36,
it's also present as a MAY attribute in the olcGlobal ObjectClass.

There is no way for me to know that it's a 2.5 feature, if it's in 2.4
branch, and if it's not documented as so. This is not really convenient,
as I'm basing the OpenLDAP configuration editor on the content of the
existing ObjectClasses.

You migth object that the reference is what's in the man page, but then,
how possibly can we detect missing parts in the documentation?"