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Re: (ITS#8127) 32 bit windows build fails with mingw

ebackes@symas.com wrote:
> Hello, Frank.
>> thanks for your patch. But since I am compilling 32 Bit, it doesn't work.
>> I modified your patch to
>> #define ftello ftell
>> Then it works.
> Hm; that should work on 32bit windows.  (it does for me!)

As I already noted, ftelli64's availability depends on the version of the 
MSVCRT DLL on the system. Frank's MinGW is apparently too old to contain the 
ftelli64 symbol in the libmsvcrt import library.

>  Using
> ftell() will limit you to 2GB files.  Then again, that particular case
> is only for proress-reporting.  If your LDIF to be slapadd'd is less
> than 2GB, it won't matter.
>> But I still have the GetFileSizeEx problem.
>> I use MinGW-5.1.6 and here is my installed.ini:
> I'll have to try that.  In the mean time, I've had more success
> building with the version from winbuilds.org.

Always quote specific version numbers.
The MSYS I use is

MINGW32_NT-6.1 VIEL64 1.0.17(0.48/3/2) 2011-04-24 23:39 i686 Msys

I'm using MinGW from mingw-w64 (builds both 32 and 64 bit binaries) version 


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