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Re: (ITS#8127) 32 bit windows build fails with mingw

Hello, Frank.

> thanks for your patch. But since I am compilling 32 Bit, it doesn't work. 
> I modified your patch to 
> #define ftello ftell
> Then it works.

Hm; that should work on 32bit windows.  (it does for me!)  Using
ftell() will limit you to 2GB files.  Then again, that particular case
is only for proress-reporting.  If your LDIF to be slapadd'd is less
than 2GB, it won't matter.

> But I still have the GetFileSizeEx problem. 
> I use MinGW-5.1.6 and here is my installed.ini:

I'll have to try that.  In the mean time, I've had more success
building with the version from winbuilds.org.

Emily Backes
Symas Corporation