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(ITS#8130) ldif export / import issue when memberURL used in groupOfURLs object class

Full_Name: Awnish Kumar Singh
Version: openldap-2.4.38
OS: Windows and Linux both
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

I am using OpenLDAP and facing issue during the ldif file IMPORT in the target
environment, but successfully EXPORTED from source which is same in
configuration. (Even I tested it with the same environment as a source as well
as destination)
1>> I have used memberURL attribute in groupOfURLs object class, and configured
the memberURL values to populate the certain attributes & their values in
groupOfURLs objects from other pointed source object. So due to this
configuration required attributes and their values are getting populated
dynamically from pointed source object to groupOfURLs target object properly.
2>> But when I am exporting the ldif file, then dynamically populated attributes
in groupOfURLs objects and their values are also getting exported in the ldif
file, which should not happen because it is creating issue when I am trying to
import the same ldif in the destination environment.
3>> The reason is, these dynamically populated attributes in groupOfURLs object
is not the part of dyngroup.schema (because it is dynamically populated from
other object) that?s why during ldif IMPORT in the target environment, ldap is
expecting these attributes should be part of dyngroup.schema and then will allow
the import, and because this not allowed to import the data.
What is the solution for this? As per my understanding product should support to
migrate the ldif or other configuration from one environment to other without
any issue, this industry standard. I am looking for help on this issue from
community. Thanks