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(ITS#8119) ldapsearch: put empty line after result not before next result

Full_Name: Thomas Cort
Version: HEAD
OS: 10.10.3
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

ldapsearch outputs LDAP results in a loop. The LDIF separator isn't printed
after the result is printed. It's printed before the next result is printed.
This subtlety causes a problem for a program consuming the output of a
persistent ldapsearch (-Esync=rp). It has no way of knowing the current result
has been fully output until the separator is printed (when the next result comes
in), which could take a long time if there are no changes going on.

I think the newline should be printed at the end of the for-loop (after the
result is printed), not at the beginning (when the next result is received).

I tried moving the putchar('\n') to the end of the for-loop. The output is the
same for some simple searches I tried and the test suite passes. I'm hesitant to
submit that as a patch because I think there might be some subtle edge cases I
haven't hit where an extra newline would be inserted or omitted. Any ideas from
someone who understands the code?