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(ITS#8115) Adding passwd hash schemes

Full_Name: Bruno HALEBLIAN
Version: 2.4.40 >
OS: RH/CentOS 6.x
URL: https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/includes!password.inc/function/_password_crypt/7
Submission from: (NULL) (

My goal is to import millions of accounts from a drupal DB to OpenLDAP.
preserving existing passwords. I plan to write a SQL to ldif script for that.
Problem : 
These accounts come with a non-standard passwd hash scheme. I've attached drupal
link to source code in PHP.
Although it uses standard SHA512 and base64, the algo is a variant of multiple
sha512 + salt iterations. Looks like there's no way to convert to {SSHA512} or
something standard.
Supposing I can translate it to C, what is the best and cleanest way to
integrate this specific scheme?
Is there an "overlay way" to do this?
Do I Have to hack into passwd.c in lutils?
Has this kind of work already been done?

Goal : getting userPassword={DRUP7}$S$DNbBTrkalsPChLsqajHUQS18pBBxzSTQW0310SzivTy7HDQ.zgyG
to be supported