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Re: (ITS#7145) cn=Connection 0

Last month when I tried OpenLDAP 2.4.40 using your SLES 12 package, I 
was still able to get two Connection0s to show up in one response.

It'll be a great news if that's no longer the case with the next release.

Kind regards,

On 10/04/15 15:08, Michael Ströder wrote:
> hguo@suse.com wrote:
>> According to the issue report, the connection 0's DN appears not only
>> once, but twice, in some circumstances. Duplicated DN should not have
>> appeared in server response.
>> Apart from that, connection 0 does not serve any purpose for LDAP
>> clients, therefore its connection details are not useful.
> Yes, the duplicate occurence should be fixed. I have to check in my 
> installation if it's still an issue.
> But IMO it's not the correct solution to completely mask out 
> Connection 0.
> Ciao, Michael.