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Re: (ITS#8081) syncprov crash in syncprov_op_mod

I had saw a queer in the CHANGES of 2.4 branch, and also comment of 

Exactly: Fixed slapo-syncprov deadlock when autogroup is in use 

But really, this (ITS#8081) is NOT related to autogroup (ITS#8063).
This bug was introduced by 7561998f7 (ITS#6335, Quanah Gibson-Mount 
<quanah@openldap.org>, 2009-10-30).

Yes, after ITS#8063 this bug could be seen as SIGSEGV.
But before ITS#8063 the syncprov could `re-order` notifications of 
changes that are visible by a remote syncrepl.
Under a highload (our use case) this makes possible to 'lost' a some 
changes by replication, and then spread this error to all nodes of 
ldap-cluster (I spent a lot of time to dig this).

So, this is a INDEPENDENT (critical) bug in syncprov (not in autogroup), 
which is also present in 2.4.40 release and so on.