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Re: (ITS#8034) lmdb-0.9.14 | Undefined symbols for architecture ppc: "_posix_memalign" referenced from _mdb_env_copyfd2 | ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture ppc

On 24/01/15 10:10, Howard Chu wrote:
 >> We could drop memalign.  malloc(desired space + 1 OS page), then
 >> adjust for alignment.  On machines with a sane linear address
 >> space where we can tell alignment from the address, anyway.
 > Such an address space is already a requirement for LMDB, since mmaps 
 > are page-aligned.

I may have used the wrong word.  mmap() must align, but that's no
reason (size_t)pointer has to look sane.  If it wants, the machine
can still have PDP-endian descending address representation with
a checkbit as every 4th bit, while running in a mode with big-
endian integers, all of which shows up in (size_t)pointer.
Anyway, the branch now tries to test for sane-looking addresses.