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Re: (ITS#7969) LMDB: Globally shared fields of meta-data are not 'volatile'.

On 13/01/15 19:23, Hallvard Breien Furuseth wrote:
> Yes, that didn't come out right.  I don't mind inserting the
> volatile, but I don't know that it helps either.  As far as I
> understand if it was broken without volatile, then it's still
> broken with it - just hopefully less likely to break.  And LMDB
> couldn't be releaseed with your original unportable sync code
> along with the volatile.

Sorry, nevermind.  Of course when the writer does sync well enough,
volatile + the txn_renew loop will have to do for a sync primitive in
the reader.  I suppose this requires that sync in the writer thread
will shake other threads as well, it won't be private to the writer.