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Re: (ITS#8016) silence on wrong envflags for lmdb-backend

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Please review and merge.



The attached files is derived from OpenLDAP Software. All of the 
to OpenLDAP Software represented in the following patch(es) were 
developed by
Peter-Service LLC, Moscow, Russia. Peter-Service LLC has not assigned 
and/or interest in this work to any party. I, Leonid Yuriev am 
authorized by
Peter-Service LLC, my employer, to release this work under the following 

Peter-Service LLC hereby places the following modifications to OpenLDAP 
(and only these modifications) into the public domain. Hence, these
modifications may be freely used and/or redistributed for any purpose
with or without attribution and/or other notice.

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commit 36ecfd44559d3b89a7dd5bcbfb6a22d8aeb8142b
Author: Leo Yuriev <leo@yuriev.ru>
Date:   2015-01-04 09:05:36 +0300

    fix: report about wrong envflags in lmdb-backend instead of silently ignore them.

diff --git a/servers/slapd/back-mdb/config.c b/servers/slapd/back-mdb/config.c
index bb9be73..68009b6 100644
--- a/servers/slapd/back-mdb/config.c
+++ b/servers/slapd/back-mdb/config.c
@@ -620,8 +620,10 @@ mdb_cf_gen( ConfigArgs *c )
 				mdb->mi_dbenv_flags |= mdb_envflags[j].mask;
 			} else {
-				/* unknown keyword */
-				rc = 1;
+				fprintf( stderr, "%s: "
+					"unknown keyword \"%s\" in \"envflags\".\n",
+					c->log, c->argv[i] );
+				return 1;