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Re: (ITS#7832) Proposing ppolicy extended module for OpenLDAP


I am considering solutions to give the password policy module its 
configuration in cn=config, and not in a flat configuration file.

However, If I create a ppm.la overlay to register a ppm configuration 
schema, I won't be able to read it in the ppm.so which is loaded 
dynamically by the ppolicy overlay.

Indeed, ppolicy is dynamically including the ppm.so code through 
libtool, so there is no link at all between ppm.so and ppm.la.

Does anybody have an idea on how a module called by the ppolicy could 
read some configuration in cn=config ?

Thanks in advance !


Le 12/11/2014 10:41, David Coutadeur a écrit :
> Hi,
> The ppm module is still alive, and is evolving.
> Last version is 1.2, and source code is now available on Github :
> https://github.com/davidcoutadeur/ppm
> There are also plans to package it.
> If anybody is interrested, I am always glad to hear about comments,
> ideas, improvements,...
> Sincerely,
> David