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Re: (ITS#7987) SIGSEGV in LMDB while adding ldap-entries

leo@yuriev.ru wrote:
> Sure this bug is introduced by the 4d02c741 (Use a single write txn).
> Could be fixed by:
> cherry-pick ead57604 (ITS#7961 Re-fix txn init) from
> git://git.uio.no/u/hbf/openldap.git
> or
> revert: d72b2f5d (ITS#7961 fix txn init), 62e4eeb7 (ITS#7943 reinit
> txn flags), 891e6627 (Plug leak in 4d02c741...) and 4d02c741 (Use a
> single write txn).

Totally fixed? Or are you still seeing the ITS#7968 crash now? So far 
I've run your testcase on the patched source (with ead57604) and gotten 
no crashes.

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