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Re: (ITS#7929) memberof overlay supresses accesslog olcAccessLogOps = all

varkoly@suse.com wrote:
> Full_Name: Peter Varkoly
> Version: 2.4.26, 2.4.39
> OS: SUSE Enterprise Server
> URL: ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/people/varkoly
> Submission from: (NULL) (2620:113:80c0:5::2222)
> Enabling both the "memberof" and "accesslog" overlays in openldap causes
> accesslog to only log "reads" and "session" operations when logops is set to
> all (olcAccessLogOps = all).
> Disabling the "memberof" overlay results in "writes", "reads" and "session"
> operations to be logged.
> Setting "olcAccessLogOps = writes" in conjunction with the "memberof" overlay
> results in "writes" operations to be logged.

Fixed now in git master.
> Expected result is that when "olcAccessLogOps = all" is set for the "accesslog"
> overlay together with the "memberof" overlay, that all operations (add, modify,
> delete, modrdn, search, bind, unbind, abandon, compare) are logged to
> cn=accesslog.
> The order of activating the overlays is irrelevant. We have tested it by
> activating first memberof and accesslog too.
> We are using the config-backend.
> The configuration will be available soon under the provided URL.

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