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(ITS#7905) rwm_attrs: Assertion failed

Full_Name: Andreas Schoe
Version: 2.4.39
OS: linux/gentoo
Submission from: (NULL) (

First I want to use a proxy to authenticate against another password attribute
but with a proxy I can not "map" the userPassword Attirbute for bind operation.
For search operations it worked. I recognized, that write operations can rewrite
the userpassword attribute. I setup two ldap servers one Master and one Slave.
On the Slave I use first refreshOnly and than refreshAndPersists. The issue are
still the same for Syncrepl as refreshOnly and refreshAndPersists. On the Slave
I also use the RWM Overlay to override the userPassword attribute. 

example for syncrepl:
{0}rid=001 provider=ldaps://ldap.example.de/ tls_reqcert=never binddn=""
bindmethod=simple credentials= searchbase=?dc=example,dc=de"
filter="(|(ou=People)(uid=andi))" attrs=?sn,cn,mail,uid,nisPassword,+"
schemachecking=off type=refreshOnly interval=00:00:01:00 retry="1 1 100 +"

rwm config:
{0}attribute nisPassword userPassword

That works fine, I can bind against the Slave with the nisPassword from the
Master, but when I try a ldapsearch with requesting all attributes the server
crashes. Same with "ldapsearch (uid=andi) userpassword nispassword"
"ldapsearch (uid=andi) cn sn" worked

After crashing the server restarts when nisPassword on Master isn´t changed.
After changing nisPassword on the Master the Server won´t start.

The Error is:
slapd: rwm.c:1286: rwm_attrs: Assertion `(*ap)->a_nvals == (*ap)->a_vals'

tried with hdb and bdb backend and schemacking=on, every time the same Error

try the same with other attributes
rwm config
{0}attribute sn cn

"ldapsearch (uid=andi) sn" worked