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(ITS#7895) slapcat fails with olcRootDSE needing external schema

Full_Name: Ryan Tandy
Version: master/3102cbb
OS: Debian unstable
Submission from: (NULL) (

Debian bug report: https://bugs.debian.org/599235

When I set olcRootDSE to a file containing:

objectClass: locality

slapcat fails, saying:

53c30188 str2entry: invalid value for attributeType objectClass #0 (syntax
53c30188 root_dse_read_file: could not parse entry (file="rootdse.ldif" line=2)
53c30188 olcRootDSE: value #0: <olcRootDSE> could not read file rootdse.ldif
53c30188 config error processing cn=config: <olcRootDSE> could not read file
slapcat: bad configuration directory!

However, slapd itself works normally, and olcRootDSE is applied properly.

If I change 'locality' to a built-in objectClass, for example
'extensibleObject', then it works.

slapd.conf's rootdse directive also works, as long as the appropriate schema is
loaded earlier.

Background: the bug was reported by a user of the Kolab groupware package, which
adds the "kolab" objectClass to the rootDSE, when his database upgrade
(slapcat/slapadd) failed.