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Re: (ITS#7713) Segmentation fault if the pagesize of the Operating system is not equal to 4096.

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> sumanth wrote:
>> As per ur suggestions,tried changing
>> 1. MDB_PAGESIZE to 65536
>> 2. changing pb_lower and pb_upper to uint32_t.
>> As of now it is running fine for the existing testcases in openldap-2.4.36.
>> However there were problems in 2.4.35. Also saw the comments in
>> openldap-devel. So whether this will make to openldap 2.4.36?
> The current plan is to fix this in OpenLDAP 2.5, and we are now halting new
> development in 2.4.
The fix is now available in mdb.master; currently you must compile with 
-DMDB_DEVEL to enable it. Since this is an incompatible DB format change, you 
should backup any existing DBs before using this option.

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