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Re: (ITS#6970) OpenLDAP 2.4.25 MemberOf + AutoGroup user has stale "memberof" attributes for target group after removal from trigger group


The last comments on this ITS mentioned crashes or deadlocks when
using autogroup and memberof together. I tried this today with git
master on both mdb and hdb backends.

Adding a new entry that triggers an autogroup member to be added: I
don't get a crash or deadlock, but the new entry doesn't have a
memberOf attribute. It looks like the internal Modify adding the
member happens before the Add completes, so memberof tries to add
memberOf to an entry that doesn't exist yet.

Changing autogroup to trigger on an alteration to an existing entry,
for example addition of a specific attribute or auxiliary objectClass:
with mdb this works and the memberOf attribute is added; with hdb I
get the same deadlock Landry Breuil already reported. Looks like a
recursive deadlock on the same thread.

I think those problems are both different from the one this ITS is
about, though. Maybe they should be filed separately.

I also confirmed the problem originally reported on current git
master, and the analysis sounds right, but I haven't had time to think
through the proposed solution fully. I'm not totally sure whether it's
autogroup or memberof that actually needs fixing. Maybe both.