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(ITS#7868) Sock overlay segfault when reading sockname from configfile

Full_Name: Daniel Dobrijalowski
Version: 2.4.39
OS: 2.6.32-431.17.1.el6.centos.plus.x86_64
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (


line 477: if ( *(char **)ptr )
ptr is NULL so it triggers SIGSEGV
line: 461: ptr = c->bi->bi_private;
bi_private is NULL

My knowledge of openldap internals is to weak to find where and if bi_private
should be initialized in this case.

Steps to reproduce:
After downloading openldap-2.4.39 and configuring it with options:
./configure --prefix=/usr/ --enable-slapd --enable-overlays --enable-bdb
--enable-meta --enable-monitor --enable-sock --enable-crypt --enable-cleartext
--enable-ldap --with-tls=openssl --sysconfdir=/etc
I have added only slapo-sock related options at the end of default slapd.conf:
overlay sock
extensions peername
socketpath "/tmp/ldap.sock"
sockops bind
sockresps result