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Re: (ITS#7864) slapo-translucent should honour the manageDSAit control

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
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> jkozyra@gmail.com wrote:
>> ManageDSAit is honoured by other overlays like dynlist, retcode, and un=
> ique. The
>> translucent overlay should add this functionality.
> Can your please elaborate on the semantics you want to have when using
> ManageDSAit control.
> Originally ManageDSAit control was only meant to manage referral entries.=

> It was (ab)used for some other purposes especially *before* Relax Rules
> control was defined/implemented.

In particular, the control changes search behavior to return the actual entry 
for a referral entry, instead of returning a searchReference. In the other 
overlays, e.g. dynlist, the control changes search behavior to return the 
actual entry, instead of trying to expand the list of dynamic members.

For translucent, the control should return the actual local entry, instead of 
trying to return the result of merging local and remote data.

The use case is the same as for the other overlays - make sure we get actual 
entries as they are stored in the server, as opposed to some dynamically 
transformed version of the entries.

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