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Re: (ITS#7840) bug with initial/seed syncrepl

Jephte.Clain@univ-reunion.fr wrote:
> Full_Name: Jephte CLAIN
> Version: 2.4.39
> OS: Debian 6 64bits
> URL: http://jclain.fr/openldap-its/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I have scripts to test several replication scenarii, that setup the LDAP
> environment then allow me to play with parameters as I see fit.
> I believe that there is a bug with the "seed replication" that allow one to
> build an exact clone of a master with minimal configuration on the slave side.

There is no bug. The syncrepl consumer is working as designed. If you want the 
consumer's entries to be automatically overwritten, create the consumer first 
so that its seed entries have older timestamps than the provider.

> note: the tests below require 2 VMs, or running the two slapd instances in
> chroots, because a clone replica requires the data files to be in the same
> path...

That's far overkill. All you need to do is configure your test scripts to use 
relative pathnames. test049 (and others) in the test suite already operates 
this way.

Closing this ITS.

> I attach two scripts to replicate the problem. they require root (they uses
> chroots)
> this is with openldap 2.4.39 on debian squeeze. some paths may have to be fixed
> in the scripts below
> use jclain-20140419-0start.sh to:
> - create a ldap server to be served on ldap://localhost:3890
> - start the master in chroot
>    (the logs are in /jclain-slapd-test/master.data/slapd.log)
> - create a seed ldap replica to be served on ldap://localhost:3891 with
> ldap://localhost:3890 as the provider
> - start it in chroot with option -c rid=0
>    (the logs are in /jclain-slapd-test/slave.data/slapd.log)
> use jclain-20140419-1stop.sh to:
> - stop the servers
> - umount the chroots
> If I understand the manual correctly, after 0start.sh, the replica should be
> identical to the master thanks to -c rid=0
> BUT, the log on the replica says:
> 534d5481 dn_callback : new entry is older than ours cn=config ours
> 20140415154713.807278Z#000000#000#000000, new
> 20140415154704.888204Z#000000#000#000000
> and indeed, the seed entries are NOT overwritten
> I have to "touch" them on the master to force the replication.
> I have uploaded the scripts to http://jclain.fr/openldap-its/
> thanks in advance

   -- Howard Chu
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