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Re: (ITS#7837) slapd seg faults in slapo-rwm

Michael Ströder wrote:
> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>>> slapd occasionally seg faults.
>>> We can't reproduce it with a certain configuration.
>>> This is a custom Debian Wheezy package based on OpenLDAP 2.4.39
>>> linked against OpenSSL under a separate prefix.
>>> slapo-rwm is patched according to ITS#7723 but I can't tell whether
>>> it's related to ITS#7723 or not. Hence the separate ITS.
>> What behavior do you get by reverting the #7723 patch?
> The patch was applied because we had these seg faults before.
> I'd rather say nothing changed in our case with the patch.
> Crashes happen once or twice a week or so.
> Also it was impossible to crash the non-patched installation with a test
> script acting like described in ITS#7723.
> Fixing this would be highly appreciated but I can't provide a simple config
> reproducing it.

Can you run slapd with ElectricFence and post stack traces and diagnostics 
from any crashes there?
> The following rwm directives are in the frontend part:
> overlay rwm
> rwm-rewriteEngine on
> rwm-drop-unrequested-attrs no
> # uid=foo,ou=xxxxx -> entryDN of entry within ou=xxxxx matching (uid=foo)
> rwm-rewriteMap slapd uid2dn "ldap:///ou=xxxxx?entryDN?sub?";
> rwm-rewriteContext bindDN
> rwm-rewriteRule "^(uid=[^,]+),ou=xxxxx$" "${uid2dn($1)}" ":@I"
> # serverFqdn=foo,ou=xxxxx -> entryDN of entry within ou=xxxxx matching
> (serverFqdn=foo)
> rwm-rewriteMap slapd fqdn2dn "ldap:///ou=xxxxx?entryDN?sub?";
> rwm-rewriteContext bindDN
> rwm-rewriteRule "^(serverFqdn=[^,]+),ou=xxxxx$" "${fqdn2dn($1)}" ":@I"
> In a former configuration version these directives were in the backend
> ou=xxxxx part. Because of the seg faults I moved it which made things slightly
> better but hard to tell. In another configuration variant I even experienced
> seg faults with *slapcat*.
> This is a two-layer replication topology with several MMR providers and
> read-only consumers which use SASL/EXTERNAL with client certs for
> authentication and authz-regexp mapping to authz-DNs. If things are wrong
> during consumer initialization sometimes even the providers crashes.
> Ciao, Michael.

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