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(ITS#7830) MDB Size grown a lot during massive updates and concurrent read access

Full_Name: Antonin Meunier
Version: 2.4.39
OS: Red Hat 6.5
Submission from: (NULL) (

Ldap is set to a maximum MDB database size of 80GB.
Ldap uses 20GB of effective Size.
There are approximately 60 index , 1500000 peoples and 4500000 groups.
The LDAP is accessed in read / write by about 20 tomcat.
In parallel to this, update treatment (inject ldif) are started performing lots
of massive upates (750 000, 500 000 groups).
When processing the massives updates, the MDB size increases to the 80max and
therefore the treatment plant updates.
If I stop all tomcat, the problem no longer occurs.
So it seems that the problem comes from locks that are placed on the pages of
indexes and data by readers and force to create new pages for changes with
conservation of all intermediate pages.
After that, the only way to find a "normal" size is to export the ldap , delete
it and re-import the backup.
The LDAP database is then again 20GB