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RE: (ITS#7673) rwm and bad ACL evaluation

I'm still looking for a resolution to the issue of the rewrite module interfering with a search that does not use the rewrite module. The behavior has not changed in the intervening updates. We are running 2.4.39, and simply referencing rwm

overlay   rwm

returns no search results at all, if an attribute is specified for the search. Specifying no attributes returns all of the allowed attributes. Commenting the line above permits the specified attribute to be returned, as expected.

The rewrite module should have no interaction with the search whatsoever, since no rewrite has been specified. Instead, it appears that the rwm intercepts the returned results and somehow "loses" all of the attributes when the search specifies a specific attribute. When no attribute is specified in the search, rwm quietly stays out of the way and lets all of the returned attributes proceed to the frontend.

Russell Mosemann, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science