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Re: (ITS#7775) LMDB terminates Postfix daemon process without logfile record

Hallvard Breien Furuseth:
> Pushed to mdb.master.
> void assert_callback(MDB_env *env, const char *msg) {
>      void *ctx = mdb_env_get_userctx(env);
>      ...;
> }
> mdb_env_create(&env);
> mdb_env_set_userctx(env, ctx);
> mdb_env_set_assert(env, assert_callback);

1) Where can I find this patch? I would like to confirm that the
code works without surprises.

2) Will this code be part of LMDB 0.9.11 (or some other number)?
That allows me to use the correct #ifdef in my code.

3) What is the expected release time frame for this code? If it's
close enough to the Postfix 2.11 stable release late January, then
it can include LMDB support.