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Re: (ITS#7775) LMDB terminates Postfix daemon process without logfile record

On 2014-01-05 20:03, hyc@symas.com wrote:
> I made this comment to Hallvard as well. It should be:
> MDB_assert_func *
> mdb_env_set_assert(MDB_env *env, MDB_assert_func *func, void *info);

Yes, I missed that.  Hadn't intended to take this ITS into such
a detour.

Maybe such a context argument can be useful outside asserts too
though, like a Python wrapper which wants the Python element
wrapping the MDB_env of a given txn.

If so, instead of passing the context to mdb_env_set_assert():
    int mdb_env_set_userctx(env, void *ctx);
    void *mdb_env_get_userctx(env);
assert() could still pass it out to the assert fallback.