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Re: (ITS#7774) LMDB assertion failure during Postfix cache cleanup

Wietse Venema writes:
> Why do you talk about map size changes when I delete a database entry??

That's how Postfix uses lmdb.  It calls mdb_env_set_mapsize().  Looking
closer though, this is in src/util/slmdb.c which is by Howard and you.
Sounds like we should wait for whatever Howard has to say.

> I need a software abstraction layer between Postfix and LMDB that
> provides the following generic interface that is independent of
> LMDB internals:
> (...snip...)

It does, normally.  NOLOCK and map resizing interfere, and impose
notable limitations.

> Sofar the abstraction layer already hides the LMDB-specific MAP_FULL
> and MAP_RESIZED error conditions. If this abstraction layer needs
> additional code in order to maintain MDB cursor sanity, then please
> educate me. 

ldmb.h says --

    "It may be called at later times if no transactions are active in
    this process. Note that the library does not check for this condition,
    the caller must ensure it explicitly."
    "[caller] must ensure that no readers are using old transactions
    while a writer is active. The simplest approach is to use an
    exclusive lock so that no readers may be active at all when a writer

That's why I talked about saving the cursor position and restoring it -
cursors are per-transaction and you need a new transaction.

Maybe you should have a single write-transaction with several cursors,
instead of several transactions.  That also cures the "long-lived reader"

Howard, maybe NOLOCK should keep the reader table and just drop the
locks?  More work though.