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Re: (ITS#7766) Account unlocked in slave after two modifications on a master (overlay ppolicy)

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On Wed, 18 Dec 2013, Clément OUDOT wrote:
> I sent it by mail but I think it is too big and queued. So here is all
> configuration and test result:
> http://pastebin.com/earKiHnH

I have not worked trhough all your examples and configs yet as I am
travelling at the moment but things seem quite clear to me.

The password lock from you slaves never arrives on your master as you
have not configured referrals or any other kind of replication of state
from your slave to your master.

That means the data on the masters and the slaves is inconsistent.

As syncrepl as you use it always replaces the entire entry any changes
from the master will complelete overrite anything on the slaves.

There is no merging of data in syncrepl.

This is working as designed and is not a bug by my understanding.

You have at least following two options from what I see:

1.  configure referrals and chaining so password locks etc... on the slave
     get forwarded to the masters and replicated back to the slave.

     This means that you need to configure lcPPolicyForwardUpdates: TRUE
     and chaining on your slave.

2.  configure multimaster replication so password locks get replicated
     to your master.

You should close this ITS and we can discuss anything further on the
regular mailing lists.


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