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Re: (ITS#7754) Unaligned MDB_DUPSORT sub-pages

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> I wrote:
>> (...)
>> A fix with a format change would be to put the padding byte in front
>> of the sub-page instead of at the end.

Sounds fine to me. back-mdb only uses even-sized keys with DUPSORT, so this 
change has no impact on OpenLDAP. And most likely no one else has hit this 
situation yet otherwise they'd be crashing.

> Ignore next paragraph:
>> One fix with a format change could be that the data item gets uneven
>> size too, with a padding byte in front of the sub-page.
> Because that's repeated as the 2nd alternative after this one:
>> The most general way would be to do that in all nodes with uneven-
>> sized key and even-sized data:

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