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(ITS#7755) not replicated nodes after recovery

Full_Name: Dmitrii Fonariuk
Version: 2.4.38
OS: RHEL6.x86_64
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (


I have two servers in Multi-Master mode (type=refreshAndPersist)

1.	I add's one DN (DN=1) on first node, after replication i see DN=1 on both
2.	I've done backup via mdb_copy on 1st node.
3.	After that i add's one DN on 2nd node (DN=2) and one DN on 1st node (DN=3).
4.	I see DN=1, DN=2, DN=3 on both nodes and the same contextCSN.
5.	I stop the slapd on 1st node and do recovery from last backup.
6.	Start slapd.
7.	Now I see DN=1, DN=2, DN=3 on 2nd node and DN=1, DN=2 on 1nd node and the
same contextCSN. 

Why DN=3, added after backup on 1st node doesn't replicated from 2nd node?

if i on 6 step start slapd with -c rid=001 - all OK. (performed long time if a
lot of data)
if i on 6 step before start slapd change his serverID on different value - all
OK. (not suitable)

I can conclude that the back is not replicated that DN, entryCSN value that
matches the value serverID.

This is a bug or a feature?