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Re: (ITS#7700) DOC: OL AdminGuide not updated

I noticed other errors on the Admin Guide.

I put all of my findings in the following list: ->   mdb is not present as a choice ->   I think it could be useful to specify that in case that
server is consumer, all modifications coming from syncrepl still
continue to be received and written ->  "Note: When the backend to pass a query to is selected,
slapd looks at the suffix line(s) in each database definition in the
order they appear in the file.
          Thus, if one database suffix is a prefix of another, it must
appear BEFORE it in the config file." - as "syncrepl" options don't appear the following:
"keepalive", "network-timeout", "timeout", "tls_protocol_min" and
             -> "The syncrepl replication mechanism is supported by
the bdb, hdb AND MDB backends"

9.4.1   -> "Table ZZZ.ZZZ: Entity Specifiers"