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Re: (ITS#7735) Memory leaks on Multi-Master replications

--On Thursday, October 31, 2013 12:33 PM +0400 Dmitrii Fonariuk 
<dmitrii.fonariuk@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> I am sending full configuration, data examples, oprofile reports, pmap
> and valgrind report (may be useful).
> if you need some more info let me know.

Hi Dmitrii,

Your slapd configs have a serious problems.  You have syncrepl configured 
on cn=config, but the server1 and server2 config.ldifs both have different 
mdb configs but with the same cn=config syncrepl config,  which means, when 
they're actually running, one or the other is going to overwrite the 
other's mdb olcdatabase entry.

Also, your slapd is stripped.  Please make sure to compile with debugging 
symbols (-g), no optimization (-O0), and when you do make install, do make 
install STRIP="" so the resulting binaries are not stripped.

After removing syncrepl from cn=config, if you can still reproduce a memory 
leak, then please provide the valgrind trace with the unstripped slapd with 
debugging symbols.
Please provide the script(s) you are using as well.




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