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(ITS#7735) Memory leaks on Multi-Master replications

Full_Name: Dmitrii Fonariuk
Version: 2.4.37
OS: RHEL6.x86_64
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

I have 2 servers with OpenLDAP 2.4.37 in Multi-Master replication.
If I send modify request to only one server no memory leaks. If I send different
modify request on both servers I see a memory leaks on both servers.

Here are the settings of one of the servers:
dn: olcDatabase={1}mdb,cn=config
objectClass: olcDatabaseConfig
objectClass: olcConfig
objectClass: top
objectClass: olcMdbConfig
olcDatabase: {1}mdb
olcDbDirectory: /opt/local/OpenLDAP/data/mdb3
olcDbEnvFlags: writemap
olcDbEnvFlags: mapasync
olcDbIndex: entryUUID eq
olcDbIndex: entryCSN eq
olcDbIndex: objectClass eq
olcDbMaxSize: 5368709120
olcLimits: {0}dn.exact="uid=replica1,uid=admin,dc=rrr" time.soft=unlimited
time.hard=unlimited size.soft=unlimited size.hard=unlimited
olcMirrorMode: TRUE
olcRootDN: dc=rrr
olcRootPW: secret
olcSuffix: dc=rrr
olcSyncrepl: {0}rid=010 provider=ldap://srv-rrr03:3903
binddn="uid=replica1,uid=admin,dc=rrr" bindmethod=simple credentials=replica1
searchbase="dc=rrr" schemachecking=off type=refreshAndPersist retry="5 5 60 +"

dn: olcOverlay={0}syncprov,olcDatabase={1}mdb,cn=config
objectClass: olcSyncProvConfig
objectClass: olcOverlayConfig
objectClass: olcConfig
objectClass: top
olcOverlay: {0}syncprov
olcSpCheckpoint: 1000 5

Requests on one server:
dn: id=1000000000[10000-30000],ou=subscriber,o=Megatron,dc=rrr
changetype: modify
replace: state
state: [1-9]

no memory leaks

Requests on both servers:

dn: id=1000000000[10000-20000],ou=subscriber,o=Megatron,dc=rrr
changetype: modify
replace: state
state: [1-9]


dn: id=1000000000[20001-30000],ou=subscriber,o=Megatron,dc=rrr
changetype: modify
replace: state
state: [1-9]

memory leaks

* in square brackets ranges.

Ranges for DN do not overlap for different servers. State is numericString