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Re: (ITS#7694) cldap fails with IPv6 due to wrong size sockaddr

On 10.10.2013 12:59, Howard Chu wrote:
> stefw@redhat.com wrote:
>> Full_Name: Stef Walter
>> Version: 2.4.35
>> OS: Fedora 19
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> Connectionless LDAP (ie: cldap enabled with -DLDAP_CONNECTIONLESS) is
>> broken for
>> IPv6 for current versions of openldap. Tested with version 2.4.35
>> It's not clear if this ever worked properly.
> No, clearly not, the code was written and deprecated before IPv6
> existed. Nobody should be using this code today.

Interesting. FWIW, the code is packaged by RHEL and Fedora, and is in
use by several projects.

> Even if it were to be used, the patch would break slapd; your
> getnameinfo patch changes the format of the peername string. The format
> of this string is not arbitrary, it's used in ACLs and the format is
> documented in slapd.access(5).
> In the future, write patches that fix one single issue. Don't make
> gratuitous changes, particularly if you haven't researched what you're
> changing.

Sorry bout that. Here's a new patch without the slapd change: