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Re: (ITS#7694) cldap fails with IPv6 due to wrong size sockaddr

quanah@zimbra.com wrote:
> --On Thursday, September 12, 2013 4:04 PM +0000 stefw@redhat.com wrote:
>>> 2.4.35 is not the current version of OpenLDAP, 2.4.36 is.  There were
>>> fixes to CLDAP made in 2.4.36.  Please test against 2.4.36 and report
>>> back, thanks.
>> This patch is against master.
>> However master cldap support is broken in additional ways, and I'll be
>> filing further bugs/patches.
> Hi Stef,
> Thanks!  In the future then, if it is an issue with the current 2.4 release
> series still, you can just put RE24 as the version. ;)  Then I won't spend
> time trying to see if it's a known issue already fixed via the changes log.

The CLDAP code is a remnant from pre-LDAPv3, there was no such thing as IPv6 
when it was written, so no, this has never worked with IPv6.

Who still uses CLDAP today? This code has no valid reason to exist any more.

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