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(ITS#7717) Sudden memory increase leading to Master LDAP crash

Full_Name: Marcon Bruno
Version: 2.4.36
OS: Ubuntu
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Hi. We have deployed OpenLDAP on our system, using the following architecture :

One primary master
One failover master (mirror mode)
4 replicas

It works very well until the master LDAP receive two many writes /seconds. With
40 writes/seconds, the master LDAP work well about several minutes, then the
memory process (slapd) started to increase very quickly, about 20Mo/s !

When all memory and swap is consumed, the OS kill Slapd.

Notes : 
 - Even in disabling all overlays except syncprov, the problem persists
 - If disabling only syncprov, there is no more problem
 - If all slaves and mirror master are stopped, there is no more problem

This problem is very annoying. We are looking to a Microsoft solution, even if
we have already deployed our solution but obviously, we would like to keep an
OpenLDAP solution.

The problem is very easy to replay : one master and one slave are sufficient.
Then run 9 windows with a script adding an entry and modifying an entry.